Vathi Library & Civic Hub

The proposal aims to construct human experience with a Spirit of Place activating an urban underutilised space that now acts as a left-over void in-between the exisitng built urban blocks and the transportation infrastructure.The aim of this multifunctional infrastructure(library & community hub) is to enable bottom-up correlations of this culturally diverse neighborhood with the traditionally recognized forms of the top-down(institutional) knowledge sharing.The library is organised around two typologies of spaces:the central atrium(a flexible space where the users of the library can “customize” the space according to their needs and re-arrange their stations in a flexible & open-ended way) and the perimeter(an authored scheme that wraps around the central atrium space where the informal story-telling is produced, archived and accessed).The remaining elements that insert within this perimeter, provide gathering spaces for workshops, community discussions or recordings production and consumption(watching videos from the archived library section, for instance). These inserts, by pushing into the outer skin of the building, also variate space in proximity to the public sidewalk and create different conditions within the interior-in-between perimeter scheme and the central atrium space.

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