#Affordable housing # Transit-oriented development #Street-level community space # Supportive services #Shared localised fresh food hub #Design for social equity #health # well-being #Forested courtyard #Pocket Atrium-Park #Rooftop farm #Edible balcony-garden #Fresh food # Air filtering # Passive cooling

The project envisions a mixed-use housing scheme synthesizing two architectural typologies the residential tower and the double-loaded corridor building in order to establish a diverse and programmatically dense multilayer manmade landscape while connecting the rest of the City College’s site to Hudson’s river waterfront recreational infrastructure.
The proposal responds to the existing surroundings on all four faces of the urban block: To the north side( high density collective residential neighborhood) by establishing more private and local programs, to the south ( high-end neighborhood with vibrant commercial activity and easily accessible by subway line 1)  by creating a more metropolitan and public front, to the Hudson River (artificial recreational waterfront) by connecting to the water and by extending the recreational program towards the city and finally, to the east( Campus buildings) by promoting student-oriented programs so as to better integrate with the adjacent college campus.

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