Climate Adaptation: Responsive Building Envelopes

The façade that wraps around the new 34-story tower creates a new but contextually-rooted beacon for the city.

The folding-stone pattern of the façade’s window clusters merges future-looking design with the indigenous culture and natural surroundings.

Throughout the day the façade regulates the amount of solar radiation that enters the building’s interior while offering self-shading thus mitigating the impact of the outdoor extreme climatic conditions on the interior environments. During the night, in contrast, the building transforms into a light landmark for the city.

The indoor courtyards (double and triple-height) offer opportunities for formal and ad hoc encounters promoting a more integrated and collaborative working experience for the users of the building.

#high-performance environmental design
#solar control
#thermal comfort
#energy-efficiency design
#sustainable design
#architecture & engineering synergies
#interdisciplinary collaboration



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